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I discovered photography at the beginning of the seventies during the first Rencontres d'Arles. Self-taught in photography, I trained through contacts with renowned artists, in particular the American photographer Charles Harbutt (president of Magnum in the seventies) who influenced me a lot. I am a member-photographer of the Association Focale in Nyon (Switzerland).


Capturing what will disappear, perhaps preserving it from being erased, showing people interacting with the places in which they live, are the recurring themes of my projects which question the globalized world.




2000   "Kingdoms by the sky" Galerie Focale, Nyon, Switzerland.


2002   "Kingdoms by the sky" Photoforum PasquArt, Biel, Switzerland.

            "Voyage", collective exhibition Villa Dutoit, Geneva.


2003   "The World according to Focale", group exhibition Villa Dutoit, Geneva.


2006   "Focale Suisse", collective exhibition La Galerie Photo, Montpellier.


2007   "Forgotten hills"  Focale Gallery, Nyon.

"Forgotten hills"  Bacchus Chapel, Besançon.


2008   "Forgotten hills" BCU Empire - Fribourg, Switzerland.


2014   "Holy Creatures" Galerie Fotografika - Gland, Switzerland.

"Behind the Sheltering Walls" projection, Swiss Camera Museum in the context of Vevey, Images festival.


2015  "A Golden Land with Smiling People" Espace Cyril Kobler Geneva.

"Wabi-sabi"  Phot'Aix Festival, Aix-en-Provence,

"Wabi-sabi"  Festival Présence (s) photographie, Montélimar.


2016   "Wabi-sabi"  Fotografico Europeo Festival, Milan.

"Forgotten Hills"  Festival Chroniques Nomades, Auxerre.


2017  "Many are my past births"  Festival Itinéraires photographes voyageurs, Bordeaux.

"Many are my past births"  Gallery-off, Rencontres d'Arles.


2018  "Wabi-sabi"  L'Atelier Photo gallery, Nyon.

"Many are my past births"  Festival Confrontations Photo , Gex.


2020  "Horizons"  Collective, Focale / Château de Nyon.


2021  "Horizons"  Collective, Baart gallery,.

"Ultimas Esperanzas"  Presence (s) Photography Festival, Montélimar. Postponed.


Robert ramser



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